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No, we don't just pick up waste locally, we pick up waste Nationwide. With an experienced team, you're guaranteed an excellent experience no matter where you are.
At Greengenic, we're not picky. We're more than happy to pick up a wide range of wastes from hazardous materials to alternative fuels. If you have waste and you're unsure if we're able to pick it up, you can get in contact with a member of our friendly customer service who would be happy to help you find out if we can collect your waste.
Yes, it's necessary to have a licence to pick up waste. The licence needed is known as the waste carrier licence which is required by all brokers and dealers. You need this licence to be able to buy, sell, dispose of or transport waste as part of your business. We have this which means that we are fully licenced to pick up any waste that you require us to collect.
We can collect your waste as much as you require whether that's once a month or once a year. If you arrange with us, we'll be there to pick up your waste whenever.
Whilst there's no minimum waste that we'll collect for you, we do aim to pick up 26 tonnes at a time. However, if you do not have 26 tonnes of waste, just give us a call and we'll come to an agreement that suits you best, even if that means us collected less than our guideline.
Usually the gain for you is getting rid of your waste which is a cost benefit alternative to landfill but on occasion depending on the waste we're collecting you may be entitled to rebate. This will depend on what type of waste we're collecting.


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